About hyperlinks in documentation hosted by a Collab


Dear Collab developers,

The online user manual of the Neurorobotics platform is hosted by the Neurorobotics Collab, namely https://collab.humanbrainproject.eu/#/collab/71/nav/1610.

Because https is mandatory, all the links in our documentation that start with “http://” (such as “http://gazebosim.org/”) will not direct users to the desired web page. Is there something to work around this issue, such as a white list?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


Dear Luc,

Sadly it is not possible to serve http over https. A workaround would be to load the page in another tab/window. I am not sure how you generate your documentation, but if you can add the attribute target="_blank" to the http urls, those would open when clicked but in another tab. To try this behaviour you can simply ctrl + click on an http link to open it in a new tab. Would that be a solution for you?