Add experiment of local installation to Collab


Hi all,

I usually work on my local installation of the NRP. However, for the purpose of sharing and collaborating on one of my local experiments, I’d like to upload it into my public Collaboraty, in order to enable some colleagues to work on my experiment aswell (they only use the NRP over the Online Platform). Unfortunately, I could not find any tutorials on how to upload a local experiment.
One way I tried is to add a “Neurorobotics Experiment” link in the Collab. The problem is that i receive the message “404, URL not found.”

Could you help me with this issue?
I wasn’t sure, if I should post this in the Collaboratory or the Neurorobtics category, so I hope it’s all right in here.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Michael,

I tried and got the same results as you did. I suggest you raise the issue through the Neurorobotics support since the app “Neurorobotics Experiment” was created by their team.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Kind regards,


Hi Akos,

thanks for your answer, I will inform the Neurorobotics support about that issue.