Approval Screen is really unclear


When I start to use a use case as a new user I am shown an Approval page. This page is very unclear to me:

  • What exactly does it mean?
  • I seem to approve some access rights to e.g. Jupyterhub - so that jupyterhub can acces some of my data?
  • " This client was dynamically registered on October 15th, 2015." What the heck does this mean
  • "You will be redirected to the following page if you click Approve: " followed by a immense long URL overlapping with text on the right side of the screen.
  • “Access to:” I have no idea what half of the items are I need to grant access to.

Suggestion: Rework this page so a potential user with even less technical background than I have can understand clearly what is going on…


Dear Alexander,

Thank you for your inputs on how to improve the user experience on the platform.

Regarding the OpenID Connect approval page, we are using a third party implementation of the protocol: MITREid Connect.

Customising an existing solution can be very costly so our plan is to diverge as little as possible from the original implementation.

Therefore, I would suggest you to fill an issue on their GitHub repository, this way you will be kept informed on the progress of your request:

Best regards,


Hi Allan,

I understand it is logical to diverge as little as possible to avoid further costs and work.

But can you at least give me an understanding who authorizes what?

  • Is it correct that the authorization is about allowing the platform (HBP, where you have actually registered) to provide information to the webpage that run in the iframe? So the selected use case (running on some other server) can access this list of information about the user?
  • What are all these items the use cases wants access to? What is meant by “Task manager services”, “Provenance service” and so on?
  • And what does it mean “This client was dynamically registered on January 31st, 2017.”

If you can explain to me, that would be much of help…