Are you algorithms neutral, biased or fair? - Join the open call


Robotics and AI have been critized for a lack of awareness on how algorithm lead to biased results.
Have you ever checked out some of thetools for detecting algorithimic bias? Or ever considered different ones and different ways to identify and prevent potential unintended effects of your work?
One way is to guarantee diversity in your team: the more different perspectives, the greater the chance to discover bugs & biases - if every voice gets heard.

The HBP has launched an open call and will honour

  1. research concepts for integrating sex, gender and further diversity dimensions
  2. best ideas and measures improving equal opportunities

Winners will travel and register for free to a conference of their choice,
results will be presented and honoured at the HBP Summit in February, PIs and managers will give feedback and support implementation.

get inspired, hand in your ideas and/or send some feedback what should be done - better - to raise awareness, improve collaboration - and thereby results.