Brain file cannot find my import files


Hi all,

I am writing my own brain file in a new experiment and I am importing other files using, e.g. from XXX import XXX, however, when i try running the brain file the simulator cannot find the files. I have put the files in my template folder, i.e. home/.opt/nrpStorage/template_new_1 and in directory home/documents/NRP/Models/brain_model but the program still cannot find them. I am therefore wondering where I should put them so the brain file can find them, or, do I need to specify the directory they are in somewhere?

Thanks for your help



Hi Paul190,

neither template of brain_model folders are in PYTHONPATH, that’s why your script can’t be found. You can add the folder you wish to PYTHONPATH environment variable:

export PYTHONPATH=path/to/your/folder:$PYTHONPATH

you also can add it in your script. Take a look here: