Brain Visualizer does not show spikes


Hello Everyone!

I’ve just noticed, that using Online platform in all of my projects, including freshly cloned template projects, Brain Visualizer does not show any spikes, it only shows neurons.
Spikes are correctly displayed in the Spiketrain.

I have monitoring TF ready, I am aware of Spike Constrast slider and I am almost absolutely sure, everything was working about a month or so ago.
I’ve tested chrome/safari/firefox.

Does anyone else have this problem?,
or am I the only one with problem on my end…



Hi George,

I think that this issue has been resolved, could you check the online platform again? I just tried with a holodeck husky braitenberg experiment and as you can see in the attached image both the brain visualizer and the spike plot are working

Best regards,


Hi Manos,

that’s awesome, it works!

Well, my previous experiments used (monitored) a no-named population directly from the brain file and they are still not working…
However, defining a “record” population in a .bibi file and monitoring it, that’s working like a charm!