Call for EBRAINS Research Infrastructure Vouchers is open! - Deadline 6 November 2020


The Human Brain Project (HBP) is providing its expertise and skills to researchers and groups around the world through the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure Voucher Call.

  • The call is open to non-HBP researchers, academic, non-academic, from medical research, including hospitals, and industry, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices.

  • A Voucher funds 4 - 12 months of EBRAINS engineering/development time (maximum 12 Person Months) to implement requested technical features of the voucher winner. There are up to 10-15 vouchers available, depending on the quality of the submitted proposals.

  • The submission deadline for applicants is on 6 November 2020 17:00 Brussels time (CET).

  • For more information, please see the call website:

  • For questions, please contact: