Can't access identity resources on HBP communication website


I am currently unable to utilize the HBP communication website.
I can login to and enter the site, but no thumbnails show when I go into the different sub-menus,
and if I try and download any of the files I am prompted with the following error message:
You do not have permission to access the requested resource.”

I have a SGA1 accreditation.

Does anyone have an idea for how to solve this?

Best regards


Dear Nicklas,

This may be due to the fact that your accreditation was granted only recently.
I manually added you to the list of users in the communication site.

Could you please check if you can access the resources and let me know if the issue persists?

Best regards,


Thank you for the quick response.
It works perfectly now.

Thank you very much!


Dear Annapaola,

I am having the same problem: I have an SGA1 accreditation but I am unable to access identity resources on HBP communication. Can you please add me to the list of users?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


Dear Giacomo,

I added you to the list of users.

Let me know if you have still issues accessing the resources.

Best regards,


It works, thank you!



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