[CLOSED] New neuron model for NRP server


Dear all,

I am currently using a local install of the NRP for a collision avoidance experiment.
Since the simulation time is quite long I would like to run jobs on the NRP servers.
Unfortunately, my simulation includes a new neuron model called sEMD which
is not on the server. The model can be found here:


Furthermore, I am using the event-based camera Gazebo
plugin from this source:

I run the whole simulation using the direct nest simulation mode
since I couldn’t manage to get the sEMD model running with PyNN.

I would be very greatful if you could include both, the event based sensor model
and the sEMD NEST model in your next NRP server update so that I could run
my simulations online.

Thank you very much and best regards,
Thorben Schoepe

Bioinspired Circuits and Systems group
University of Groningen


Dear Thorben,

The DVS camera should be already available on the servers. For what concerns the sEMD neuron model, you might be lucky or unlucky, depending if it is still just the time to add it or too late, since the dev team is in the process of releasing a new NRP version. I forward your request right now to them.

Best regards


Thank you very much for forwarding the request.

Best regards,


Your request has been submitted to the dev team as:
You can follow its progress and dialog with the dev team from this link, if necessary.


Dear Thorben,

Unfortunately, it has been decided that user requests about adding custom nest models to the production platform will be rejected until a proper per-user mechanism is implemented.

In fact, currently the custom model must be merged into our nest-simulator repository, making it “publicly” available. This approach doesn’t scale and, moreover, is inherently unsafe.

So I regret to inform that you will have to use your neuron model on a local platform for some more time :frowning:



Dear Axel,

thank you very much for taking care of this.
I can understand the concerns of your team and
I am looking forward to the per-user mechanism implementation
since it will help my PhD a lot.

Best regards,


Dear Thorben,

I got some feedback from the dev team. The per-user mechanism is on the plan, but it’s a big work and rather low-prio for now. So I’m not sure we’ll have an update soon on it.
I guess you switched to a local NRP in order to run your neuron model. Did it work for you?

Best regards