[CLOSED] Tutorial Baseball Exercise - tmp csv does not exist



I have been trying to carry out the Baseball Tutorial. Specifically, in the second exercise with the virtual coach, I am supposed to generate a csv file, store it in a temp folder and then plot this data. Whenever I save the file I get message like:

Recorded the following csv file: /tmp/tmpx3vxryz3/ball_position.csv

However, when I try to plot the data I get the following message:

File /tmp/tmpx3vxryz3/ball_position.csv does not exist: '/tmp/tmpx3vxryz3/ball_position.csv’

Does anybody know a possible reason for this error?


Sorry, your post went unnoticed for a while because it was not listed in the neurorobotics forum.
So I guess you were stuck in this " Running the experiment with default synaptic weight" section. Did you check manually in the /tmp folder of your backend container if the file was actually existing? If for some reason the simulations stops before you access the file, it might be that the temp “/tmpx3vxryz” folder is deleted.