Data for synapses types and locations for connections between neuron types


Good Day!
I am trying to make some models with NEURON/Netpyne for cortex layers. I see lot of information about neuron types morphology, synapses etc. However I cannot find information on how these types are connected to each other. What types of synapses/gap junctions are between TypeA & TypeB. And also which layers those synapses are located (or distribution by cortex depth)
Is there anywhere available data about connections between neuron types (synapses types/gap junction, synapses layer location)?
Also Where can I download some models for NEURON Netpyne that might be a good example of such connections? I see there are many models in the Gallery, but I cannot found any urls to download them
Or maybe some examples how to build realistic model without those data. eg how to connect 2 neuron types if I have data about there connection but have no information about synaptic link between them

BTW, Downloads page doesn’t work for 35models. It asks for some registration and then does nothing