Frontend ROS image view


Hi all,
I am sending an image from transfer function to a ROS Topic. and I can inspect this image in my local installation from terminal via rqt_image_view. I now want to see this image also from within the frontend, but both the robot camera and image view buttons are grey and not selectable. Do ROS image topics need to registered somehow in order to make them visible to the frontend image viewer, or am I missing another step?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Benedikt,

have you tried the “Video Streams” button?
It’s the “Play sign in a screen” icon: there is a drop-down menu from which to select the image topic to show.




Hi Ugo,
tthanks for the fast response. That’s what I meant with the “image view” button :wink: It is also not selectable for me… I once found ROS images in this viewer, but now somehow its not active. Is the Video Streams automatically checking for new ROS images?


Dear Benedikt,

We noticed that the camera topic disappeared also from the robot inspector in yesterday’s integration tests and reported as a regression. It is being investigated and will be redeployed this week.



Dear Benedikt,

The fix has been pushed to master18 and should be available to you upon your next “./update_nrp update all”.

Best regards


Thanks for the update!