Gazebo markers in gzweb


I am using the latest NRP with Ubuntu 18 and Gazebo 9.8 in docker.

In a custom gazebo model plugin I use ignition::msgs::Marker to visualize rays. Unfortunately, the lines are not displayed in the web interface, but I have tested it inside the NRP backend docker container by simply running the model plugin in standalone gazebo (version 9.8.0.hbp.2.3.0) and there my visualization works fine (as well as any other gazebo>9)

Has anyone had this problem? Any hints of where to look to fix this?



Dear Alona,

Yes, some features of Gazebo standalone like visualization of sensor or marker “rays” are not implemented in the web interface. So there is no way to see them in the NRP. But, while your NRP simulation runs, you can always connect to your backend container and run gzclient from the console if you have set up X forwarding. You will thus see a synchrnized view of your simulation both in the NRP and gazebo. If X forwading does not work, I think you can run gzclient from your PC as well, if you set the IPs and variables correctly for it to connect to the gzserver in the container.