Gazebo_ros_camera doesn't work in Docker


Dear all,

I installed the NRP by using the Docker Installer. I found the Gazebo_ROS plugin “gazebo_ros_camera” doesn’t work and no corresponding rostopic could be found. But another one “gazebo_ros_p3d” works.

I need to gain images from the camera mounted on my robot. I add a camera in the model.sdf and it works well before using Docker.

  <sensor type="camera" name="camera">
    <camera name="robot_eye">
    <plugin name="camera_controller" filename="">

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?



Hi Zhuangyi!

Have you tested the camera running one of the template experiments? The Husky Braitenberg experiment, for example.



Hi Ugo,

Yes, I have. When I ran the Husky Braitenberg experiment in docker, the rostopic “/husky/husky/camera” echoed nothing. I also tested other template experiments, but all failed.

Best regards,


Hi Zhuangyi,

it looks like some problem with your graphics driver setup. Could you enter the docker container and run the next command:

gzserver --verbose

then please share the output here.