HBP Research Infrastructure Voucher Call 2019 - Deadline 27 Sept 2019


Dear HBP Platform User

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is providing its expertise and skills to researchers and groups around the world through the HBP Research Infrastructure (RI) Voucher Programme Call https://opencalls.humanbrainproject.eu/call/voucher-programme-2019

The call is open to non-HBP researchers worldwide, academic, non-academic, from medical research, including hospitals, and industry, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices.

Interested applicants should get in contact with the HBP already during the application process to work together with the HBP Platform engineers concerned to refine their proposals.

The submission deadline for applicants is on 27 September 2019 17:00 Brussels time (CET).

For more information, please read the call documents.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further questions or if you need more information: vouchers@humanbrainproject.eu

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

With kind regards,

HBP Voucher Team