Hippocampus Computational Models - Publications


Dear All,

I would like to share these articles (from work at King’s College London - where I’ll be based this September onwards), which just came to my attention only recently as I was working on computational simulations of the hippocampal formation and related areas, and the functional connectome of these hippocampal neural networks. I thought people on this platform might be interested if they haven’t already come across them.

“Voxel-wise comparisons of cellular microstructure and diffusion-MRI in mouse hippocampus using 3D Bridging of Optically-clear histology with Neuroimaging Data (3D-BOND)” by Stolp et al (2018)

“Automated processing pipeline for neonatal diffusion MRI in the developing Human Connectome Project” by Bastiani et al (2018)

“Hippocampal Subfield Volumetry: Differential Pattern of Atrophy in Different Forms of Genetic Frontotemporal Dementia” by Bocchetta et al (2018)

“Ammon’s Horn 2 (CA2) of the Hippocampus: A Long-Known Region with a New Potential Role in Neurodegeneration” by Pang et al (2018)

“The Developing Human Connectome Project: a Minimal Processing Pipeline for Neonatal Cortical Surface Reconstruction” by Makropoulos et al (2018)

I’ll share more in the future as I carry out more research in Hippocampal Computational Models at KCL.

Harry M.

Graduate Research, IoPPN, King’s College London (2018-)
Director & Chief Developer, Multidisciplinary Neuroscientific Technologies Ltd (2016-present)
BSc (Neurosciences) University College London (2013-2016)