How to keep external package documentation up to date


There are some external, OSS packages on the human brain project documentation page. However, if I look at e.g. NeuroM, I can see that it is not up to date with the latest version available on It would be better to keep a link to the latest version (or no link at all?)


When I click on “neurom” on the HBP doc page it redirects me to which is 0.0.14, the same happens when I click on the latest or 0.0.10 from drop down list.
What exactly you don’t like about it?


For starters, 0.0.10 isn’t the same as 0.0.14. Second, if there is a drop-down with versions, it would be good to have the latest released versions. Otherwise, it may be better to remove the versions, and only leave a link to the latest release.


There is no way that somehow when you released new version to you will have it automatically in HBP docs.
If you don’t want to create proper link in HBP docs for every release we can create one version like “stable” and latest then will point to it so in drop down there will be stable and latest pointing to


I think that is fine. Also, if the versions could be removed from the drop-down it would be better.