Human Brain Project Github


For all of those who aren’t aware, various pieces of HBP software are being released here:

Some of these software packages are useful for integrating with the Collaboratory. Others parts of the Neuroinformatics Platform. Still others are part of the modelling and analysis efforts which are ongoing in HBP.

Check it out, clone and be merry.



SP10 has released their code on bitbucket at:
because we use external tools that are already hosted on bitbucket.
We might want to use a common tool though and discuss that in the tech coord meeting.



github is nicer, IMNSHO. It would be nice if more HBP stuff was discoverable there.


Seemingly in principle we could use both:
Furthermore, we could start from the gerrit repository and add github and bitbucket as extra remotes, so that we don’t have to maintain too many repositories around.
This way we would have the whole history of the repo on both github and bitbucket, which I personally think is a plus.



I agree that from a technical standpoint there is a clear implementation path.

However, it’s worth noting that Github serves both as a git repo and a type of Software catalog. The only way to have bitbucket and github linked in this respect is to have a public version of the HBP Collaboratory Software Satalog available and to publicise it everywhere.