Implementing multiple robots simulation


Hello all,

I am looking into how to make a multiple robots simulation( to integrate ROSBUZZ for swarm robots in future). Starting from several husky robots could be a good start.

I have checked the Multiple robots tutorial in the NRP, however, it seems the structure of the experiment is not very same as multiple robots simulation.

I hope to realize a simulation like here . This repo works for ros indigo but does not work in kinetic. Then I found this repo has a simulation with three husky robots in gazebo, however they can not move because of controller problems. Are there any more experiments of multiple robots in NRP templet?

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Dear Yanjun,

You need to specify multiple and tags in the bibi and exc respectively to have multiple robots. They have to linked using a robotId attribute.

As of this moment, you can only have multiple identical huskys all the instances will publish and subscribe to the same topics. Robots of several types won’t have this issues, since typically they don’t share the topic names. We, however, are working on to resolve this. This might take us another couple of weeks to merge into master, since we need to some migration works. Once it’s done, you will be able to have multiple huskys in their own namespace (same as their given IDs), and the topics names will be prefixed by that as well.
At this point, I cannot comment if there would be issues with controllers.
If you wish to try by yourself in the meantime, here are the pull requests:



Dear Hossain,

Thank you for your detailed reply. I would be glad to try and test the function when it is ready. Now I find some turtlebot packages are quite easy to spawn multiple robots in gazebo. I think I can start with this to see.

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