Import errors while running BrainScaleS simulation



I am having trouble running a small example with the BrainScaleS backend. The code I’m using is:

import pyhmf as pynn
from pymarocco import PyMarocco

marocco = PyMarocco()
marocco.backend = PyMarocco.Hardware


neurons = pynn.Population(1, pynn.IF_cond_exp, {})
inputs = pynn.Population(1, pynn.SpikeSourcePoisson, {'rate': 10.0})

proj = pynn.Projection(inputs, neurons, pynn.OneToOneConnector(weights=15.0))

out_spikes = neurons.getSpikes()


And the error I am receiving are:

Loaded modules:
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
  1) nmpm_software/current
[33mWARNING: Non existent 'bind path' source: '/usr/local/bin/slsnodes'
[0m [33mWARNING: Non existent 'bind path' source: '/usr/local/bin/supdate'
[0mImportError: numpy.core.multiarray failed to import
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
what():  numpy failed to initialize
/wang/environment/software/container/meta-nmpm-software/current/bin/run_nmpm_software: line 9: 14175 Aborted                 singularity exec --app $CONTAINER_APP_NMPM_SOFTWARE $CONTAINER_IMAGE_NMPM_SOFTWARE "$@"

Is there something I should be configuring before running these examples?


Dear Garibaldi,

Not sure which HBP Platform or software you are referring to. Could you give more details?
Best regards
Axel (Neurorobotics)


Hi Axel,

I was running a small example using BrainScaleS-PyNN just to test the portal. There was a small issue with the backend but now it has been solved.

Thanks for your concern!

Best wishes,