In silico spiking data


Dear BBP team,

I’d be very much interested in having a look into statistics of asynchronous states spiking in spontaneous activity in silico in Figure 12.C (in vito-like) and Figure 20.A (in-vivo like). It would be great if spike timing of a sample of neurons in figures can be made publicly available.

Thank you.



Hi Farzad,
Thanks for posting your request. A number of people have made similar requests. We’re working on dumping them to hdf5 files, and we’ll make the data available here:

We’ll post here again when it’s ready.

and @courcol


Hi @ebmuller and @courcol

I would like to remind you that I am patiently waiting for 251 days for the process of dumping a small sample of the published dataset to a hdf5 file.

I hope this sample dataset becomes available to a number of people who have made similar requests as it is promised.