Install on Ubuntu 18.04



I’d like to install the platform on a remote machine running Ubuntu 18.04, with ROS melodic and Gazebo 9. Is this possible with a source install yet, or is a docker install the way to go for now? Can’t find any definitive info on this, and the installation instructions only mentions support for ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04.




Dear Oskar,

If everything goes according to plans,support for Ubuntu 18.04 and the migration to Gazebo 9 will be part of our Release 2.3.

Unfortunately, there is at the moment no easy way to use Neurorobotics platform on Ubuntu 18.04.
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are there any news here? I saw gazebo repo has ubuntu18 branch



Indeed we are working on migrating to ubuntu 18, and most of the work has been done. There are still some open issues left before it is complete though. We will publish it immediately as soon as it is ready.



Hello NRP team,

can I please “re-open” this topic and inquire about the current status? We are urgently waiting for functionality in Gazebo that is only supported by Ubuntu 18. Can you please inform us about the status?


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Dear Jörg,

We have finished indeed the porting, and we are rewriting the documentation and doing some last refinements, but everything will be available within the next 1-2 weeks. If you would like to start working immediately with gazebo9, then you can contact me and I can guide you through the installation steps for ubuntu18.

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Thank you! I will check with my students and possible Alona, Jens and Juan might contact you. Thank you!



Hi Jörg, there is no need for them to contact us, we will release the ubuntu 18 port in a couple days and it will be automatically available with the usual updating script. The install documentation is being adapted accordingly, your students will just have to follow it.


Hi Axel,

Is that available now? I haven’t seen any news about it but I don’t have an existing Ubuntu 16.04 install.




Dear Morgan,

It should be this week. It is a very complicated transition process because we want the install scripts and repos to stay compatible with ubuntu 16. I’ll post here when it’s done.

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Dear Morgan,

We have completed the source code migration to Ubuntu18.
If you install fresh from source, please follow the source install guide from:

If you upgrade a source install from U16 to U18, follow

If you have a docker install, please wait another day that we finish testing the new docker images.

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FYI, docker images have been upgraded to Ubuntu18/ROS melodic. You can update them with your script if you use a docker NRP install.

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Thanks @vonarnim,

Great. I will install fresh. Later, I will see how close we can get an install working on Fedora 31 with matching dependencies.