.jpg or .png displayed, when other people access the collab, only after they went in edit mode .richtxt app


The overview of a collab of mine is written using the Document richtxt app (brukau), found in the category Collaboratory Basics. Apparently I succefully added links to images (the problem manifests with both .jpg and .png images) stored in the same collab or other collabs, set to for public access. Apparently, because once I exit from editing mode, they are correctly visualized on my screen. However, other persons of the team are able to see the images only after they go at least once in edit mode. The problem manifests with google, firefox and explorer browsers.



I have been unable to reproduce this. Can you share a link to the document (or send it by email to platform@humanbrainproject.eu if you don’t want to link it here)? Sometimes the images can also take a bit of time to load.

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Please access the collab https://collab.humanbrainproject.eu/#/collab/11175/nav/83589.
(it is set to be public access).
Go to the section entitled:
High-resolution models, expressing slow waves activity
In that section there are two pictures.
I had to insert the an hyperlink “Please open this link in a separate Tab o Window if the picture is not automatically loaded”
because myself, and other persons in my lab are able to view the picture only if they first go in edit mode, we see the picture appearing, then after exiting the edit mode, the picture is still visible. But is not automatically loaded when first accessing as simple external readers the collab.
Do you have a suggestion for a WYSIWYG editor to be used in the hbp collab?
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Pier Stanislao


This is due to an issue with authentication and the way the rich text application is embedded on the overview page. Fixing this will require changes to the page layout (technical ones), and I don’t know when it can happen.

One workaround would be to move the content with the image to a separate page. If you embed the images into a regular app page, such as the one linked bellow the overview (“Publications that used these models”), they will appear just fine.

If the viewer has already opened a page from a rich text application during their browsing session, and navigate to the overview, it will actually work fine. This is also why switching into edit mode works.

As to the WYSIWYG editor, the one that is integrated into the collaboratory is the rich text application which you are using.

The following part is more technical and explains the problem in case you are interested.

Each application manages it’s authentication individually, and the rich text app is not loaded on the overview page, but it’s content is loaded through a different mechanism. The image however gets requested from the rich text app, but since it is the first request, it is not authenticated and fails to load. Thus loading a different page such as the edit page, or the publications page, will authenticate you with the app, and subsequent requests will be fine.