Kinect sensor in NRP



I am trying to add a Kinect sensor into my robot model. The first step I did was to follow the gazebo tutorial here to see if the gazebo plugin works properly. Unfortunately, I cannot finish the tutorial under the NRP environment.

Here is what I have done:

  1. Download the kinect sdf model from here, extract it and copy the folder into .gazebo/models. Without any modification, the kinect model can be found in the ‘insert’ tab of gazebo.
  2. Follow the guide, I added the ‘plugin’ tag into the sdf file provided in the above-mentioned tutorial. The model could still be found in gazebo, but the rostopics for getting the depth image did not appear, and I got the error message ‘Error [] Missing element description for [depth]’ from gazebo.

The same steps have been tested in a pure ros environment, which works properly. Can anyone help or give some suggestions on it? Many thanks!

Best regards,