Make a C++ application compatible with an existing Visualization Web Service infrastructure


This hackathon includes:

  • A short presentation of the VWS architecture
  • Presentation and definition of important ZeroEQ events
  • Definition of custom ZeroEQ events specific to candidate application
  • Hands-on implementation
  • Configuration of the VWS to accept new candidate application

This requires the participants to provide a compilable version of their application (ideally in Github) in an Linux environment. Alternatively, a simple OpenGL application provided by the organizer will be used.

This hackathon makes use of the RESTBridge library.


That sounds pretty cool.

Are there currently any HBP produced apps which are integrated with the VWS?


Yes, Livre (Volume rendering), RTNeuron (Rasterization), and my brand new baby BRayns (Interactive Raytracing) are already integrated with the very basic features of setting the camera position and getting a JPEG back.