Mapping M dc_sources on M*N neurons


Hi everyone,

I would like to send a dc_source signal to some neurons in my The only problem is that each dc_source should be connected to many neurons. I know how to do a one_to_one mapping, like below.

@nrp.MapSpikeSource(‘groupDampInput’, nrp.map_neurons(range(nrp.config.brain_root.nOri), lambda i: nrp.brain.V2Layer23Grp[i]), nrp.dc_source, amplitude=0.0)

How should I do if I want to connect, say, the i-th dc_source to the neurons i*N to (i+1)*N-1 of the neuron population? (e.g. dc 0 --> neurons 0 to 99, dc 1 --> neurons 100 to 199, etc. until dc 7 --> neurons 700 to 799)

Thanks for the help!


Hi Alban,

Did you find a way to do this? If so, could you paste the solution here for future reference? Else we could take a look at it.

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no I just abandonned this idea and worked on something else.
Sorry ^^