Markdown changes to a jupyter notebook do not appear in the collab on a different device after saving


I am adding explanatory text cells to the MorphologySynthesis collab under the Jupyter Notebooks/Morphology Synthesis Launcher.

I have added some text cells and saved the results on my laptop (with the floppy disk icon), but the changes do not appear when I view the collab in another device, which suggests they have not really beed saved.


Yes, at the moment there is an issue with save button in the notebooks, several other users reported the same.
We are working on it and it should be fixed in the next release which will be in about two weeks.

Sorry for inconveniences.



thanks for the rapid answer. Just for clarification, does this only apply to saving text added to ipython notebooks in the collaboratory or saving text on all pages?


Jupyter notebooks saving fails silently

It is only for content of the notebooks (text or python doesn’t matter)
Other apps, like rich text editor, shouldn’t have any issues with text saving