Model Validation and HBP Status


I recently joined the HBP collaboratory and forum, I am a researcher in systemics and knowlege modelling and want to see how fare we are into the knowledge integration process among various disciplines
1, from the forum posts, this project seems a bit stagnant, not many posts, is there any status update? how many people re involved in the HBP and what are they working on/where are they hiding?
2. The Model Validation page either doesnt load or is blank, I am interested in model validation , advice? thanks a lot



The Forum is only one of the tools people can use to communicate with HBP researchers, a lot of communication also happens through Github (for specific topics) and through the project helpdesk: (note that EBRAINS is the infrastructure being built by HBP).

For more details on the work being done by HBP, you can look at and

Concerning model validation specifically, we have recently deployed a new version which improves knowledge integration but is unfortunately slower. Since the model validation app can be installed on different pages with different configurations, please could you let me know the URL you are trying to access?


Andrew Davison


Thanks for reply, will try to catch up with the discussions on Github
and make the most of the learning opportunity
the Model Validation empty page is after logging in:
Brain simulation/cases/model validation