Need an online jupyter notebook environment


Does anyone have any suggestions for an online environment where we can run jupyter notebook IPYNB document files that connect to our Mysql database (on our servers) to pull data, run python computational scripts, and then output csv files to be written back to a folder on our server?

The IPYNB files will be crunching rather large datasets (approx 15 million) daily and the scripts need to run automatically (like a cron).

We are visualizing the csv files for a dashboard system that is already on our servers and simply need the daily update/overwrite of the data while also allowing our python developer an online environment to modify/update the scripts.

We want to keep this separate from the server environment as we have other sensitive material on the server.

We also want the jupyter notebook platform to be private and NOT in a collaborative environment.

Im looking for a reliable yet cost-effective solution since we already have a robust VPS server.

Appreciate any help.