New local install



I would like to install the newest version of the NRP on my computer (local install). However, I already have an old version of the NRP installed (version 1.X).

Because I guess both versions differ quite substantially, I first want to delete anything that has to do with the previous version of the NRP (the one already installed).

Which folders to I need to delete, more than $HBP?

Thanks for your help,


Dear Alban,

NRP puts config data into your $HOME/.local directory. You can clean-up there if you want, but be sure to not delete files set up by other applications. And the new install/update will overwrite the needed files anyway, so this is a very optional step.
The NRP python dependencies are held in $HOME/.opt/platform_venv, which you can safely delete.
Your personal data (experiments, models) is stored in $HOME/.opt/nrpStorage, but you may want to keep them.

In your place, I would first give a try just updating the normal way during lunch break:
cd $HBP/user-scripts
git pull --rebase
./update_nrp update all
If that fails, you can go for a reinstall.