New robot model doesn't work in NRP 2.3 [solved]


Dear All,

I freshly installed the NRP2.3 version on Ubuntu 16.04LTS.
I can run all the Template Experiments without any problem.
When I create a new experiment on my own and want to add
my own robot model “spikebot” as object to the experiment
I get the following ERROR:

l@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:74:4336 error@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:74:5484 controller@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:74:18940 g@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:4:23528 vb/this.$get</</<@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:5:18248 a.$get</<@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:69:30091 h@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:6:8174 i/<@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:6:8347 $eval@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:6:15829 $digest@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:6:14302 $apply@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:6:16112 i@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:5:22536 u@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:5:24464 Kb/</x.onload@http://localhost:9000/scripts/vendor.413b4582.js:5:24937

In the Terminal it says:

2020-01-07 13:41:16,529 [Thread-92 ] [hbp_nrp_cles] [ERROR] An error occurred while preparing custom model <pyxb.utils.saxdom.Element object at 0x7f2f0f502990>

I already used this robot model in previous NRP versions and had no problem.
It would be great if you could help me to find the ERROR so that I can run
my experiments with the platform.

Best regards,
Thorben Schoepe

Research Assistant and PhD student at
Neuromorphic Behaving Systems group
Technical Faculty
Bielefeld University

model.config.txt (303 Bytes)
model.sdf.txt (14.9 KB)


I found a way around the problem by adding the model
to NRP/Models/robot.

Best regards,
Thorben Schoepe