New software/service announcement


In the collaboratory ‘creating apps’ -> ‘engage users’ it is recommended
to post a message here about new apps in the appropriate category.
There are however no categories setup for this purpose, like
‘new app’
‘new data release’
Also, given that the forum is currently used mostly to ask collab support
questions, I doubt whether this is the right place for such announcements.
It would be great if all HBP consortium members would receive, as part
of the HBP newsletter, new app/service/data/paper announcements.
So to conclude, I am a bit lost when it comes to announcing the new
brower-based morphology viewer.


:blush: yes, you spotted a difference between theory and reality…

For now on, you can send an email to in order to have something published in the HBP newsletter (there is one getting out tonight). Another way to advertise your application is to add it to the software catalog. The first page of the software catalog now displays the latest updates.

The Neuroinformatics Collab: you should ensure your application is referenced somewhere in the NIF collab.

In the future, it would be nice to have this kind of information naturally flows to the concerned users, I agree.