Nrp "hangs" inside the experiment-view [docker deployment]


Hello there!

After updating the container to

Frontend-Digest: sha256:98f3f3345fa3971de0e27948e2dd514fcf9343a9d3392254ae4be4a9a32d73f8
Nrp-Digest: Digest: sha256:9fe27eaff3ac53f58cac607a4d75fb3ff83b102a27333a3a250cb6461ae9d1e4

nrp hangs while launching any experiment at the last step (Preparing 3D scene: Loading sky box.). All volumes (images had been cached; I expect docker to have a working image update mechanism) had been deleted with docker volume rm [volume] before reinitiating them with ./ update.

The browser console shows no errors, but warns with

THREE.WebGLShader: gl.getShaderInfoLog() vertex 0:2(12): warning: extension `GL_ARB_gpu_shader5' unsupported in vertex shader

Then it simply prints some shader code as a warning. I do not know, if this is related to my problem, since I usually do not look inside the web console that often…

Maybe the image is based on an untested version of nrp? Former updates also contained some minor problems, but never that severe…

What do you recommend? Just wait for another nrp image update? Or resort to a classical installation? I have to say that the docker installation is very convenient! …if it works…

Thanks in advance,

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Dear Chris,

The images were just updated, but I can reproduce your issue. Skyboxes are not found and loading hangs (look at your network console in your browser, you should see 404s).

Will investigate what happened.



im having the same issue -.-


link of the sky in gzweb assets was broken

to fix

./ connect_backend
cd /home/bbpnrsoa/nrp/src/gzweb/http/client/assets
rm sky
ln -s /home/bbpnrsoa/nrp/src/Models/sky .


Indeed. 2 links concerning sky boxes were set wrongly because of a missing env variable.
This has been fixed in the latest installer script. Download it from:
(the location changed recently so the auto-update will not work before version 1.8 of the script)