NRP Installation on Ubuntu VM - Build fails: Makefile missing


Hey there,

When building the NRP platform using ./update_nrp build all, I receive the following message:

Makefile:17: user_makefile: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target 'user_makefile'.  Stop.
ExperimentControl BUILD ERROR

It looks like the corresponding user_makefile is included in /ExperimentControl/Makefile, but it does not exist. Any suggestions on how to find or create this makefile are greatly appreciated.

I use an Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine using Parallels on macOS Sierra.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Frederik,

Where are you running the script from? Is it from $HBP/user-scripts?



Hi Manos,

I indeed tried to build from the user-scripts directory.

I was ultimately able to run the software by running an old VM on VirtualBox where the platform was already pre-installed.

Since nobody else seems to have this issue, it is not really relevant anymore.

Thanks for reaching out!