Object Library doesn't work properly


Hi all,

When I reload one of my project in the platform some objects aren’t in the correct position. I fix the position of that objects (and save to storage the correct environment) but when i stop the simulation and reload it they return in the wrong position. I also found a solution: I write in the empty_world file the correct position for every objects i need. This solution is very tricky because I need to modify the position of the objects very often and I waste a lot of time with this method. Do you have some suggestion to fix that problem?

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Dear SimCop,

Thanks for your report; We are aware of that bug and a fix will be available in the next NRP release.

In the meantime, you could work-around the issue applying the following fix (assuming that you have a “from source” installation):

Change line 4617 of


id: entity.userData,


id: entity.userData.id,

reload the page and check that any object manipulation in the scene is persisted between page reloads.




Dear ualbanes,

Thank you for the answer, unfortunately i work on the online platform. I will wait for the next release.