OIDC requests are slow


I attached an extract of devtools network tab. It appears that OIDC requests are slow (more than 1 sec) which is annoying since most of the time they are blocking.
Is there a way to speed that up ?


On the monitoring tool we have on the oidc server, we can see that most call response are under 150ms (server side). We know that some requests took a longer time (mostly a problem with the refresh token). We will try to improve this in the future.

Also the curent network setting in BBP may induce some more latency as the API calls have to go thru one or two proxy

forum —> BBPproxy(out traffic) —> cacheProxy(in traffic) —> OIDC server


Can it be investigated with BBP infrastructure ? because the problem is not resolved, from the client point of view the request is slow.


I have created a new task in our backlog, we will try to improve the response time.