Opensim integration in the NRP


Hey guys,
is there a tutorial or some documentation on how to use the opensim integration?
and or details of the architecture?



Hello, Camilo!

Even if this question is already a bit older:
There currently is some documentation for the architecture (in the Confluence Wiki of the NRP), but there is no official written user-oriented documentation (e. g. step-by-step tutorial) yet.
I will raise this question again in the dev team, and see in which format we shall provide instructions on the setup and usage of simulations that make use of OpenSim and its features in the NRP (and maybe with Gazebo in general).

With best regards,


Hey Fabian,

Is there a Tutorial by now?
It would help me a lot ;).



Hello, Kevin!

May I point you to this upcoming addition to the experiments collection:

For more detailed information (including the timeframe), I’ll have to refer you to the NRP dev team.

Thank you very much!
With best regards,


Hey Fabian,

thank you for leading me to that Pull Request. Unfortunately, I think that’s not really what I was searching for.

But I would have a question regarding that blog post that seems to be from you :
OpenSim support blog post

I saw that you were able to use the “OpenSim Plugin” in gazebo. Is it possible to get the source of what you showed there?

Because I think that would help me to understand how I could use that plugin for my own project.