Provide uncurated data sets from BBP in open data format?



my name is Andrej Warkentin and I’m a master student at the Bernstein
Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin

I would like to fit models to the uncurated data set from the BlueBrain Project
( My problem is, that I can’t
open all the IGOR Pro files (including the meta information) because I
don’t have that Software. Would it be possible to provide the data in an
open data format like hdf5 or ideally in the NeurodataWithoutBorders
( format ?
Or if that’s not possible at least a script (ideally in Python but Matlab would also be okay)
that extracts all the information from the files (I already have a script that can read the files
of the current and voltage traces but I’m also interested in the meta information).

Thanks very much and best regards,

Andrej Warkentin


Hi Andrej,

The development version (master branch) of Neo supports reading IGOR Pro files; Neo support for NWB is in development - see and

I’ll try to find time to put together a Jupyter notebook demonstrating this.

Best regards,



Here is a Jupyter notebook

which downloads a data file from the BBP portal, imports one of the Igor Pro files, and exports an NWB file. The NWB file produces a couple of validation errors (as I said, NWB support is still under development), but this could be a good starting point for you.



Yep, that definitely helps already. Thank you !

Do you happen to know if for the uncurated data there is also the cell gene expression information somewhere to find ? I’ll have a look at it myself but if you already know it that would make it easier of course. Or maybe you know who would know it ?