Rasterplot window it is not synchronized with simulation time in playback mode


I’m performing a quite big experiment in the NRP using a cerebellar model (~61.000 neurons and ~2.500.000 synapses with plasticity) to operate a Baxter robot. The simulation is ~60 times slower than real time. I would like to record a “demo” of my experiment in real time. When I record my experiment and reproduce it using the playback mode, the rasterplot window it is not synchronized with the simulation time (it shows the activity, but slower). This window must show the activity of 720 neurons with firing rates between 1 and 250 Hz.

The simulation step used to synchronize the CLE is 2ms.

I have been checking to code responsible of this windows in the Frontend (ExDFrontend/app/components/spike-train). I think this code is to heavy for a real-time simulation with 720 neurons with high firing rates.

It could be possible to solve this problem?



Hi Fracisco,

this problem has been reported as a bug and it’s been studied. I will post an update here once is solved.