Read joint angle


Hi all, I’m Marco, I’m totally new to the platform.
I’d like to execute a task where iCub moves its elbow joint until he reaches a certain angle (or equivalently position). The problem is: even though I’m capable of sending messages to the elbow with the command


I don’t know how to read the current joint value.
Refering to iCub tutorial baseball solutions, I found a transfer function called joints_state_passthrough that I suppose to get the joints value:

from sensor_msgs.msg import JointState
@nrp.MapRobotSubscriber(“joints”, Topic("/robot/joints", JointState))
@nrp.Neuron2Robot(Topic(’/joint_states’, JointState))
def joint_states_passthrough(t, joints):
return joints.value

How can I have access to a particular joint position value (e.g.: to print it on the log console)?

Thank you a lot,


Dear Marco,

The transfer function located in $HBP/Experiments/visual_tracking_icub (online, this corresponds to the “Holodeck iCub Visual Tracking experiment”) contains an example:

from sensor_msgs.msg import JointState
@nrp.MapVariable("eye_position", initial_value=None, scope=nrp.GLOBAL)
@nrp.MapRobotSubscriber("joints", Topic("/icub/joints", JointState))
def set_eyepos(t, eye_position, joints):
    joints = joints.value
    if joints is not None:
        eye_position.value = joints.position['eye_version')]

In the above function, we subscribe to the “/icub/joints” topic (all the joints values of the icub robots) and read the “eye_version” joint’s value in order to set a variable named eye_position.

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Ok, great, thank you Luc!
Best regards,