[SOLVED] Camera does not show skyboxes and global illumination


Hi there,

I’ve installed the NRP in a LXD (Ubuntu 18) Container passed through the GPU and x11-sockets (so I can open the native firefox browser on my host as well);

Now, it seems I just see objects (in color) but the skybox is missing and all reflections and global illumination on the ros topics corresponding to the camera. Is this a known issue or do I have to enable some settings in order to get the stream as it is on Gazebo?

Thank you very much!


Hi Martin,

The issue that you are reporting is actually a feature :slight_smile: .The skybox etc are strictly frontend visualization features and do not exist in gazebo, so it is normal that the camera sees only the objects that gazebo is aware of.



Hi Manos,

…oh! okay that explains everything, then I am looking how to put in Gazebo itself a skybox and better illumination because I’d like some networks to learn self-localizing via landmarks (including of very distal ones like skyscraper or something)