[SOLVED] No available local servers (and suddenly missing python packages)



When I run the NRP (docker install on Ubuntu 20.04), the server status is red. Restarting the NRP or the computer does not help. There are no errors shown.

I do not know what could have caused the issue, I have already been using the NRP without problems today. So I will tell a story of other weird things that happened shortly before:

I have been using the docker NRP with a virtual coach from within the backend container without problems for some time. Then, for about a week, I did not use the virtual coach that much, I was mostly modifying transfer functions from the web cockpit. I only used the backend container to modify the bibi file of my experiment. When I finally returned to the virtual coach and wanted to run a script, it turned out that many python packages cannot be imported due to some missing dependencies. pip check command within the backend container showed several dozens of missing packages, even ones that I have been using regularly before. I have installed them again (using pip) and now everything gets imported nicely. But I cannot launch the simulation due to the unavailable server.

I would be grateful for your help.



Could you attach here the frontend and backend container logs?

They are located in /var/log/supervisor/ in both containers.



Here they are:

frontend_supervisord.txt (33.1 KB)
backend_supervisord.txt (70.0 KB)


I’m sorry, I mean the content of any folder in /var/log/supervisor/ (e.g. /var/log/supervisor/ros-simulation-factory_app/*




ros-simulation-factory_app.err.txt (52.8 KB)
ros-simulation-factory_app.out.txt (3.9 MB)


ANY subdirectory of /var/log/supervisor/ and their content
ANY subdirectory of /var/log/supervisor/ and their content


Sorry, here is frontend’s proxy
proxy.out.txt (365.5 KB)
proxy.err.txt (840.2 KB)




I’m sorry. I understood that ros-simulation-factory_app was enough for backend. Here’s the nrp-services_app:

nrp-services_app.err.txt (1.4 MB)
The .out file is empty


Something is wrong with the backend container, possibly the manual update of some package has broken some dependency.

Please reset the backend with ./nrp_installer.sh reset_backend, and try again.

The reset doesn’t affect the experiment data, keeping a backup is never a bad idea, though.




Thank you. That seems to have helped.