[SOLVED] Problems with NRP source installation (steps 3, 6, 8)


actually in your copy of the baseball experiment, probably “my_first_experiment”


Hello, I tried changing the port while resetting but jupyter notebook in the backend container still tries to open on port 8888. (When not prompted with the --port=8889 flag. With the flag, as previously, it opens on the port but the browser cannot connect.)

The --ip= flag does not help.

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Sorry about that. Let’s see what the dev team can do about the ticket raised above.


If you want to run in a port other than 8888 you should do two things:
1- install nrp with this command :

./nrp_installer.sh -np 8889 install latest

and also specify the port when running the Jupyter server inside the container. like this:

cle-virtual-coach ipython notebook “–ip=” --port=8889 tutorial_baseball.ipynb

You can also refer to our updated documentation here : https://neurorobotics.net/Documentation/versions/3.2.0-23/nrp/modules/VirtualCoach/hbp_nrp_virtual_coach/tutorials/launching_exp.html#starting-the-virtual-coach
I hope this fixes your problem


Ok, thank you.


Fyi, the 2 tickets opened in this thread are in progress. 286 is actually done and waiting for deployment.


For the record, 287 has been closed as well. The next deployment will deploy 286.


Both issues fixed and deployed in 3.2.1.