[SOLVED] Python 3 ready?



I 'd like to ask how I can utilize python3 (to use tensorflow 2) in the most recent NRP? The changelog says its Python3-ready but the virtualenv used by the NRP is using python 2.7.


Dear Martin,

Indeed, the NRP is Python-3 ready for developers. There are dev branches for Python 3 support that you’ll need to check out, if you have a developer installation. There is an update documentation accessible to developers only that I can send you privately on email request. Python-3 will be made available to users when ROS have ported their binary packages to Python-3 as well.

Best regards,


Hi Martin,

Python3 support is, currently, available to NRP developers for internal testing.

As Axel said, to complete the transition, we need the next version of ROS (i.e. noetic), which will target Python3.




Thank you guys for your fast reply. Alright! I decided to stick with the current public version and externalized the tensorflow-2 dependent code for simplicity fully to IBA modules (launching the module files with #!/home/ubuntu/venv/tensorflow/bin/python3 in their first line of code); seems to work :slight_smile:


Hi Ugo,

I just saw that ROS Noetic was released on May 23rd but it runs on Ubuntu 20.04 (http://wiki.ros.org/noetic).