[SpiNNaker] Changing weights/delays during simulation


We are some students working on adapting a code running on Nest to a SpiNNaker chip.
Unfortunately we need to change weights and delays during the simulation which seems to be impossible according to https://spinnakermanchester.github.io/spynnaker/6.0.0/SPyNNakerModelsAndLimitations.html.
Is there really no way to do this ?
Thank you for your help.



Sorry I don’t seem to get notifications from this group so I didn’t see this before! Note for future reference that we have a SpiNNaker support email list here: https://groups.google.com/g/spinnakerusers.

You can change weights during simulation if you have an STDP rule. We don’t currently support changing weights in between calls to “run” at present, though it might be possible to enhance the code to support this in the future. I would expect such functionality to be slow however, as it would require that the specific weight or delay be found within the synaptic rows, which would likely require the extraction of the data from the machine and then the re-writing of the changed values into the appropriate location.

Is there a specific thing you are trying to do here e.g. is this something like manual STDP or something else?


Andrew :slight_smile: