Tag/version of a collab


I wanted to ask if it is possible to get a tag or hash to a certain version of the collab, some kind of history or release version, so to speak. I think it can be useful in many occasions for example when you are still working on the collab but want to show only a specific version. A concrete case: Right now we are in the process of submitting a paper describing our workflow (https://collab.humanbrainproject.eu/#/collab/507/nav/6326) for the JARA-HPC which will appear as a LNCS Symposium proceedings. It would be great to have a possibility to come back to the actual version later on or if needed, since we want to develop our collab and workflow further on. Of course the alternative would be to clone the collab but it would “spam” the collaboratory.
I may be wrong but someone told me that there is like an internal history, but I am not sure. Would it be possible to realize such a tag system? Thanks.