Updating resource folder - bug?


Hi everyone,

I’m using the “resources” folder with one of my NRP experiment. I noticed that when I’m updating something (changing a python file, editing an image, …) in the resources folder of the experiment folder (in $HBP/Experiments/resources), deleting the experiment in the NRP interface and then reloading it from the template tab is not sufficient to actually take the modifications into account: I have to restart (cle-kill --> cle-start) the NRP to see my changes taken into account in the experiment.

Is that a known issue?



Hi Alban,

I am not sure to understand your issue, but the resources folder is specific to an instance of the experiment in your storage. If you remove the instance of the experiment (i.e., some folder located in ~/.opt/nrpStorage for a local install), the changes are lost because you actually never change a template (this is the privilege of the developer who is creating the template).

Changing a template implies that you need to clone it to see the changes reflected.

If you are developing your own template, use an experiment instance until your are done and then copy back your changes to your template in $HBP/Experiments.

Best regards,


Hi Alban,

If you edit some python module AFTER having imported it, in order to have those modifications to be active you need to reload the module using the aptly named “reload” function.

It’s a python limitation, reloading must be explicit, so:
import my_module_in_resources
reload(my_module_in_resources) # must reload the module to have the changes reflected

P.S. your python module must be in the CLONED experiment folder (~/.opt/nrpStorage/my_experiment/resources)

Best regards,