What does it take to collaborate in a complex project? – Share your expertise in a survey! We will share the results with you


What does it take to collaborate across distances, disciplines, cultures, etc.? How is the working environment structured in such a complex, large scale project like the HBP? What does it mean to enhance equal opportunities under such circumstances?

The Diversity and Equal Opportunities Committee initiated a survey, with the full support of the HBP Directorate. It asks for experiences and opinions on collaboration, workplace satisfaction, equal opportunities and impacts of Covid-19. Results of the survey will be used for recommendations for the HBP and future projects. The survey will be closed on Monday, 17th May 2021 at high noon CET.

Everyone working in the HBP - management, engineer or scientist, Student or PI, collaborator or leader - is strongly invited to participate in the survey and to shape future interdisciplinary collaborations! Check your Mailbox for the Invitation to the Survey on Collaboration and Diversity in the HBP (sent on 06/05/2021 11.50 CET). For more information, please contact karin.grasenick-AT-convelop.at or leave a reply here!