Why HBP (or probably use one) Community don't develop a neural vocoder


Considering this


Why HBP (or probably use one) Community don’t develop a neural vocoder ?

Some people could be assisted in near future and etero-directed by a neuro-platform VR embedding system , a neuroplatform (neurorobotic) for me and you all , I believe Criminals just do it , Law Court should consider this

What do you think ?

For an hello world application I need A neural vocoder and then the relation is Web-o-Neurorobotic Platform-o-Neural Vocoder-o-Nano Tubes-o-Embedded Human-o-A Normal Man who believe in trust

Do not decieve who believe in Jesus, Science is behind secret knowledge of the Priests, Probably they already done it

Forgive and give hope to humanity :slight_smile:


Diego Moretti


Dear Diego,

Interesting article indeed. I’m sure these electrical shortcuts can be simulated in neuron simulators, maybe just by playing with time constants of neuron models.

Best regards


Let me know if I can help you to implement your ideas…


I am a Statistician IT Developer
The problem is not software , methodology must be learned and neural vocoder’s issue is a physician matter , I know only that some university study and develop these device , I have never used one and I don’t know a lot of neuro spike train decoding time series analysis
The first step is to understand the technology of neural vocoder , where can we start ?

Paul Levi