Would you mind to create a new forum category "WE ARE HBP"


Hi Jeff, Eilife, Allan and Fabrice,

thank you for setting up and taking care of this great forum!
I would like to add a category “WE ARE HBP” (Work for and Engage in Activities and Research for Equality in HBP) opening discussion on how to foster good collaboration in interdisciplinary teams. e.g. guidelines for publication strategies, difficult conversations, “the science of team science”.
It would be great to discuss what really matters and to enable feedback via the forum - it seems to be suited for the task then a collaboratory.
Well and I would need to upload short pdf files … would that be ok?
Thank you for your support! Karin


As long as you want it to be a discussion which is open to the public view, this is definitely the place to do it.

If you confirm, I can create the category for you.


Hi Jeff this is great news: Yes for discussion only, e.g. of guidelines and activities we have planned - do they fit? what else should be done? … if ok it would be great to be able to attach pdf (e.g suggested guidlines on publication strategies) greetings from Dachstein region k


The forum is a reasonable place to discuss guidelines or activities, provided that there isn’t some confidentiality requirement. If there is, you should select a different tool.

You should be able to drag and drop pdf documents under 3MB into your post and they will automatically be inserted as a download link.

I would prefer to keep this limit small because the forum is really not recommended for document sharing.


I have created the category here:

Reply to this thread with the category description and I’ll attach it to the category.


WE ARE HBP (Work for and Engage in Activities and Research for Equality in HBP)
Invites you to discuss all issues on the “science of team science”, career development and fairness. Guidelines and activities which have been developed to support you will be ready for your feedback and discussion - to meet exactly your requirements.